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MRS HOLD RUINED your sex life, being cruel about performance for years took your balls off, she is a heinous human being the most heinouse, to ruin your emotions and sexuakte abilities like that. Can you see that she is the cause of your difficulties in bed? Had she been encouraging loving and fun all these years and also a willing happy lover, you would now have a wonderful sex life. She ruined your sexuality totally, I deeply dislike her for it,

1. She ruined your financial life
2. She ruined your sexuality
3. She ruined your emotions
4. She ruined your trust in women
5. She ruined your entire life

What a creep she seems to be to me. she should be put in prison for what she did to you.

I disagree. She may be part of those things, but Hold himself has the ultimate control of his life. He let those things happen, or did little to correct them. He continued to be in the marriage because something is more to him than those.

The flaw in the MB principles is that it requires both person to build on the marriage at the same time. And when there is no effort or progress from both, there is Plan B and D which requires the person making that decision to make changes and actions take upon for himself/herself.

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