What if the work isn't hard or painful?

What if it's freeing, fulfilling, amazing?

The unknown is just that--unknown. We can manipulate it to seem hard, difficult, painful or leave it in truth--unknown until we get there.

I'm asking you to choose to go there. And you're saying, "No, don't want to experience the unknown."

And yet, you're good at it...you do unknown every day...because in reality, you experience it each and every day...every new day is unknown...and then you live it.

So, Marge, you're soaking in it.

Thank you for explaining about the good feelings when you read the book...because that was my experience, my DH's experience, as well as others I know and those on MB...that this wasn't a pain-filled, hardwork book...it truly was a relief, full of good feelings (after the multiple shocks from epiphanies)...

Thank you for going down those stairs. Would you consider going down and picking it up, carrying it upstairs to your nightstand...so it won't be lonely down there?


Which is an alternative...you can do for others what you aren't willing to do consciously for yourself...do it for the book. The book is lonely, wants to be read, wants to communicate...I know you...you'll listen for the sake of the book.

What if your rage inside, that deep anger turned inward, is because of your severe and continuing mistreatment of yourself? Like anger of injustice?

I don't think you wallow well, btw. To me, more like you try it on like a new suit, wiggle around and take it off.

ROFLMAO on the double entendre. I can't believe you don't deeply love and appreciate your humor---self-amusement is really under-rated, IMO. Your persistence.

Thank you very much, bottom of my heart, for responding to my posts to you. I am still loving myself back from the place you have been in...because I, too, sometimes try on that suit.

(your suit doesn't suit you)