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The book asked me to remember some time when I felt good feelings. And I refused to do so. I rejected the book. Lied to myself. Told myself there were no good times and no good feelings to remember. Then I walked away from the book.

I don't know what book you're referring to.

Curious tho, was there a childhood memory where you were told "bad boy" or some such which the child in you translate that you are a bad person for who you are, therefore not worthy of love, respect, care, etc?

And do you think such child would develop some coping mechanism to want to be loved and change his behavior to conform to get that love, even when that child is doing actions against his personality?

The NMMNG had one section about this, and I remember a question posed to me. You're an adult now, with the power and control of your life, what will you say to the child? Do you think that child should be explained that the his behaviors were not appropriate, and that he is worthy to be loved because he is unique and his person is a gift to the world. And that he is human like everyone that can make mistakes, and it is natural to make mistakes, and he is intelligent to learn from those mistakes. I would tell that child to live a life of his own choosing because he is ok just being himself.

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