I'm still letting myself get rejected Hold. I lay in bed for 30 min. and finally got up and went down to the couch again to read until I could fall asleep. The cycle just repeats itself once again. Of course she woke up and asked where I was going and said I could turn the light on and read while she slept. WTF??? She knew exactly what was goint on and this morning she wouldn't even look at me.

I have the same thoughts Hold. I wonder if by the time the kids are out, am I going to repress my libido for so long that it will vanish and all I'll have is resentment and will not even care to get out of the M, because I really don't care to have SF at that point with anyone from how repulsive I feel about myself in the SF department.

Face it, some women are like this, just like some men will be repeat cheaters or they'll do their own thing forever without thought to their Ws after their W tried and tried and eventually walked out on them.