Hold, I've had a hard time pinpointing what bothers me most about your situation, and I think it's that you don't seem to care about your own mental health. I mean...I get why you feel the need to stay for another 6 years. What I don't get is why you lean towards passive aggressiveness versus O&H. I mean...even if being O&H doesn't improve your marriage, at least you'd be true to yourself and in a better, more 'pure' state of mind when the time comes to decide, 6 years from now.

Choosing to be passive aggressive for the next 6 years makes it seem as though you have already decided that you're mental health is dispensable, disposable, and of little consequence - that your personal integrity is of little matter. It seems like you've already chosen to sabotage your chances of being healthy enough to move on.


"Stop yappin and make it happen."
"The will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you."

Me 47
DH 46
Together for 28 years.
Married 21 years.