Thanks, we've tried just that. We also tried:

If I wear one of these two night gowns. I got excited a couple of days later when she came out of her closet wearing it. Shot down. "I can wear whatever I want and it shouldn't mean a thing."

If I shut the door (we do this maybe 4 nights out the week any way, but what the hell). Shot down the next night. "I shut the door so the light will not bother ds when he's trying to sleep."

If I come to bed naked (only happened 3 nights in the heat of the summer) 3rd night got shot down. "We did it the last two nights." Now she's back to pjs.

THE BIG ONE: "Ask me and I will never refuse again." Bubbles, I got shot down the very first time, got the courage to ask again, shot down. Lol and behold, got the courage to ask again, shot down. The 3rd time I flipped out, she appologized and said yes she was confusing in the past and is still giving me mixed words and actions.

Reading Loving's post woke me up a little. I don't want this resentment people, that's why I came here in the first place. That last THE BIG ONE, was just in the last 3 months, and hurt very bad. She knows I'm vulnerable and yet she does that. It is even more painful than when she went wayward. It's been roughly 8 years and the pain now seems more painful than then, I think mostly because I figured "it happens" and she still wanted the M and so did I. Just the length of time this has gone on has worn me down. Yet again today, I got hit on by an attractive woman- no thankyou!!! I'll deal with it another way. Atleast I've got my looks going for me.