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hold, you WERE talking about your sex life with your friends, if you told those women you were fantasizing about every woman you passed in the hallway, and feeling dejected because they have no interest in you.

Then I guess I have no problem discussing that aspect of my sex life with friends. I don't discuss what Mrs. Hold and I do or don't do together. To me, that is a joint issue and not my place to disclose without her permission.

On the other hand, Mrs. Hold has made it clear that each of us is in total control of our own minds and our own bodies. Their is no sharing or becoming one between us. In that case, I feel I am free to discuss those aspects of my sex life inside my own head with whomever I choose.

I don't think she was upset that I shared my feelings. I think she wished I felt differently.

However, she did laugh when the guys came back from picking up some takeout food. As a goof, one of the guys counted how often he was distracted by a female on the walk to and from the takeout place 2 blocks away. We joked that he lost count when he ran out of fingers and toes. More confirmation that men are pigs.

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