No, Still_JM, I do not think SF is an entitlement.
I do not even have an EN for SF. I have an EN to express my affection and love for my wife, which sometimes includes SF both of us. If she isn't interested, I am not interested.

The way I got past resentment and keeping score was by working on myself, for the institution of my marriage, instead of for my wife, or for my own wants and needs. It is like being a team player, or "getting with the program" in the military in that it is a DUTY. I have a duty to do certain things well and cheerfully, like provide financial security and domestic support. Both husband and wife have a duty to meet the SF EN of each other.

I can identify with your experience of changing and having your wife be skeptical, even testing you. That is why I come to this forum, because I am working a plan that my wife thinks is artificial, so she refuses to read HNHN or fill out the ENQ and LBQ. Your wife, like mine, changes only as a reaction, not proactively.

Me: 61
Dear Wife: 58
Married: 35 years