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Can you ask new?

Can you be specific and ask MrsHold to have another couple over, in your entertaining desire, asking with the when, where, who, how of it planned out? "I would like...what do you think?"

Can I hold off on the DJs long enough to embark on a conversation where we try to POJA a mutually enthusiastic solution to my desire to entertain more? No, I can't. My bad. I want more entertaining. But not enough to go through another conversation with Mrs. Hold in which every suggestion is shot down as not fancy enough.

I know, huge DJ that this time will be the same as prior times. I once suggested our neighbors come over for drinks on a Sunday afternoon. The neighbor's wife said something like "did you clear it with Mrs. Hold? You know how touchy she is about having people over." So I am not imagining that Mrs. Hold is touchy about it. I know I should have POJAd having them over with Mrs. Hold before inviting the neighbors.

Which is why I find this so depressing. I don't feel comfortable POJAing this with Mrs. Hold. I don't feel comfortable inviting people over without POJAing it. So I just suffer in silence. Feeding my resentment. My choice.

At this point, my "solution" is to seek a social life without Mrs. Hold. Through the Men's Club at temple. Through temple social events. Not events at our home. Does not build our marriage. But at least it gets my EN partially satisfied.

I hate my life. But not enough to change it.

When you can see it coming, duck!