Are you saying that you won't ask new because you dwell in "old" in your head?

What's the worst that can happen? That she does old again? Which makes you right?

I understand you meeting this need safely with Men's Club. Just doesn't really meet it, given you thought about it and wanted to entertain.

Why not link it a tad? Have a Men's Club two-hour get together at your place? Let that be the ask new idea, with specifics...see, I'm not so sure you've asked with specifics that you communicate your vision to MrsHold, instead of it being open-ended asking (old)...

I'm guessing. You know I'm guessing. Seeing where your thoughts dwell, in what isn't right now, gives you the hating your life feeling. Instead of not liking what went before for what it really was. When you ask new, you add dimension to the old...with new information.