I wasn't asking you to ask MrsHold in my last post. I was saying that you hadn't really asked me about how you helped my marriage.

Came at it sideways, in my perception, twice.

In general, would you say that asking is difficult now, after your experience with MrsHold, maybe work, others? Or just me, MrsHold?

You say you don't assume MrsHold is unhappy overall. You know you used those words in your previous post, not with the specifier "overall", but wrapped in the "we" statement.

For the recent choices you've made, I don't see you acting to increase her happiness in the hopes she will reciprocate. The times I mentioned, you asked...not based on her possible response. Are ya slipping?

What if those recent acts on your part added to her love bank (accidentally, of course), hence, her stating she wants to grow old with you, be there for you...not because you got her to reciprocate...because that's what she really wants? You shared honestly, she shared honestly.

I'd ask you again, if the words you use in your head to tell your story today, are the original words you've used to tell the story of yourself to yourself. When in reality, the story has changed.

As all our stories do. Our experience doesn't catch up to reality, though, until we realize the change. Not huge, not earth-shattering...nonetheless, different.