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Pep you took my question that you didnt answer and then ask another question that wasnt even related to the one I ask! So I have to ask are you in politics or public relations? You can add the two together and become a spin doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Actually, they are related.

Your original question:
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TO ALL, Do people really change or are we all going to be what we have been the rest of our lives,OM,OW,BS?

How do we measure positive change in a person?
Let's assume we are talking about a person making a change to be a better person.

I was wondering, if you have made some great change and progress, as a man and a citizen and , most importantly, as a father .... what would that look like?
What would that change look like in the eyes of your children?

I began thinking, if you have really changed, and if you have really evolved into a better man, a better father, you would be paying a lot of child support toward the care and keeping and education of the children you do not have custody of.

I was thinking a changed man would be involved with their schooling, going to parent/teacher conferences, going to their little league games, their dance/music performances, etc. Helping them with their homework. Taking them to their doctor's appointments. Taking them to church or to movies or to tutors, if they need it.

I was thinking, a changed man would be going above and beyond what he is required to do by law in providing for his children ... paying MORE $$$ than a court has ordered him to.

So, instead of asking all of that, I asked:

Are you paying a lot of child support for the children you've sired and no longer live with?