Good morning hold.

Reading back over yesterday's posts, I see you were mostly just answering questions; you didn't initiate the talk about your life being over. So I prolly was reading more into what you said than was intended. It still doesn't hurt to say, your life is NOT over! If nothing else, your kids still need you. You don't want to leave them alone with your wife, do you? *nudge*

Plus you have been reaching out, making new friends at your synagogue, right? And as your kids get older you can look forward to engaging with them in new ways, as they grow into adults and you can advise them on choices about college, dating, marriage... and then there's grandkids!

(I'm reminded of "That 70s Show" when Mrs. Foreman was feeling depressed over realizing she wouldn't ever have another baby... then Mr. Foreman mentioned grandkids. She beamed, and said "Grandkids! I forgot about grandkids!!!")

I'm sure you can think of other things to look forward to as well... if you wanted to.

me - 47 tired
H - 39 cool
married 2001
DS 8a think
DS 8b :crosseyedcrazy:
(Why is DS7b now a blockhead???)
(Ack! Now he's not even a blockhead, just a word! That's no fun!)