Last night we watched The Bachelor. It was the home visit episode. He meets the families of the last 4 women. I am amazed by the Dads. One Dad gave his blessing for them to get married. I was incredulous. This guy is dating 4 women and he wants the Dad to bless him? I guess I can respect his "player" skills but bless him for marrying my daughter?!?! If he asked me, I would say "come back 6 months after the show is over and tell me you still love her and we'll see".

I spent the hour lying on Mrs. Hold's thigh. She rubbed my ear. We are getting along very well. The only issue between us these days is sex. I am surprised how much hatred I continue to feel toward her over this issue. I have finally gotten used to the lack of sex. Accepted it. Last night I told her to get off the pill because we don't need them any more. We'll just stop having sex entirely. It is hardly a change from where we are now. She said she would talk to her doctor. I do not feel anger over the prospect of no sex. But I feel tremendous anger over the lack of sex in the past. Wierd.

When you can see it coming, duck!