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ML, does that mean that your DH no longer eats Chinese food and you no longer eat Mexican? If so, wouldn't THAT be sacrifice?

Here is another reason why this isn't a sacrifice. How much do you enjoy eating with someone who HATES being in the restaurant you have chosen? I hate it. When my H is miserable, I am miserable and we both end up resentful.

I have even pulled the trick of railroading him into agreeing to a particular restaurant without his enthusiastic agreement. I regretted it. He was so resentful that he complained about the traffic all the way over there and then when we got there, he found fault in everything. So, even forcing him into compliance with my personal interests AT HIS EXPENSE, did not benefit me in any way. He was miserable, I was miserable.

So even if I NEVER ate Mexican again, I wouldn't miss that.

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