I have to keep my eyes on progress. Mrs. Hold provides many more hugs and kisses than she did before. Especially kisses. She hardly ever let me kiss her before. Now she leans in to kiss me!!!! Just light pecks but puckering up is much better than pulling away from me.

Of course the sex is still nothing like I would prefer, but that is only a piece of the puzzle. Compared to where we were 14 months ago (wife continuing to overspend, wife 70 pounds overweight, no hugs let alone kisses) we have made progress. Some might even say huge progress.

50 pounds lost. Better control over spending. More hugs. Life is good. Need to make sure I let her know that I have noticed.

And I have kept up the compliments on her brains, personality and big heart. When she walks by naked, I do not give her a woo hoo. Instead, I tell her that her full round ample heart is so distractingly impressive that I failed to even notice all these years that she has hooters. Who knew? I asked her to let me know if I went too far over the top. So far, no complaints.

Hmmm, as for the use of the term hooters. Last week Mrs. Hold shared with me and D13 that she was trying to think of plans for S15's birthday (it is not until November). She thought maybe she would take him and some friends to Hooters. She thought they would enjoy that and it would show everyone that she was the fun Mom. She worried if the other parents would be concerned about her taking a bunch of teenage boys to Hooters.

I said that in my view, hard to think of anything more likely to create permanent mental trauma in a teenage boy then going to Hooters with his Mom and his little sister who has started growing boobs (well, past started, she just graduated from a B to a C). D13 was appalled. D13 said she didn't want to think of Mrs. Hold's hooters, her own hooters, or S15 looking at hooters.

I wondered where the heck S15 and his friends are supposed to direct their eyes for an hour while sitting with Mrs. Hold and D13. What if one of the boys notices that Mrs. Hold and D13 have hooters too? shocked So for the past week we have been referring to breasts as hooters in our house.

When you can see it coming, duck!