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Cosign Telly!

And besides, speaking as a woman with very little real estate in that area, I often wish I could shorten my man by a head or two. If there's anything that can bring you crashing down to earth it's getting hit in the cervix.


I think the "telling" part was the comment about marrying a "nice Jewish man, not a porn star." I have only dated one Jewish man before, and he was definitely the most sexually "kinky" guy I'd ever been involved with! Anyway, perhaps it's not your anatomy or the fact that you don't reach ther cervix that is the issue as much as it is your "style" which is probably a bit more reserved. And God kows you have reasons for that! I know that with my husband I tend to be VERY reserved, but I also know from past experience that with the right partner (or even at times with my husband if the right needs are bieng met) that Ican be very free and open with him.

Can't change anatomy. But can change our attitudes. Yes it would be awkward at first, but myabe a little male fantasy wouldn't be such a bad thing, at least to get the ball rolling.

Then again, I don't know squat about this stuff either. I struggle same as you smile