No passion or bliss. Too depressed. I have been depressed so long all I have are distractions / numbing agents, no real passions.

On a more positive note, D13 has been pushing hard for a puppy. Until now we have avoided one because D13 is allergic. Mrs. Hold made an appointment with the allergist to see if D13 can live with one of the less allergen-producing breeds. I think this would be a big help for our family. A dog would give me another outlet for my need for Physical Touch.

As I said to Mrs. Hold today, "a puppy will let me rub behind its ears pretty much whenever I want". She didn't say "ouch", but I could hear a chill in her tone in response. I understand she may feel bad that she does not meet my need for Physical Touch. But hopefully she will be enthusiastic about the idea of doing something that may help me be less depressed. Assuming, of course, that we get the OK from the allergist. D13's health is more important than any pet.

When you can see it coming, duck!