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Prepare for her to be very angry.

Well she said she didn't want to talk to me, that I could talk to her lawyer on the phone. Then she sent me a bunch of short nasty emails. Should I assume that she's not done talking then? That she won't just clam up and try to file for divorce?

She's angry and trying to bait you into a fight. When I exposed, my WW left the yellow pages open on the divorce lawyer page for me to see it. She was very passive aggressive in an attempt to "get back at me" for exposing. She's just trying to punish you for exposing. I would try to take everything she says right now with a grain of salt. She's just flailing and lashing out as she approaches bottom. Let her anger subside for a few weeks before getting drawn into much conversation with her. Don't explain why you did what you did or try and justify your actions. That's just going to make her angrier. Just say something about, "I'm sorry you feel that way." If she keeps sending nasty messages ingnore them until she sends something nicer. Don't get sucked into a back and forth nasty message war. Stay strong, calm, and collected.


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