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Apparently the CG is running out of patience for this sort of thing.

Hee hee... and I'm sure that that the CG won't cut POS-OM any slack when he finds out that he's involved with the W of a deployed warrior and fellow officer!

I sure would like to be a fly on the wall of the CG's office when OM gets his G.O. letter of reprimand!

I take it that OM is a brand new 2LT that's in his basic course, right? If he was prior enlisted, I'll also bet that OM doesn't have his 20 years in yet either... so much for that nice Army retirement with annual COLAs and free medical!!!

His wife sure is going to be ticked off at him when she learns that he's getting booted out of the Army!!!

Semper Fi,


He has about 10 years in. Had just made E7 and went to OCS. Yeah he's in Field Artillery basic course right now. Definitely had been around long enough to know better. Just thought he was smarter than everyone else.