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WW shot me an email asking why I had put $100 in her joint account (that she had taken all of her money out of then, and then several days later taken 4 dollars and change out of, as a little angry jab I think.)

I told her because I didn't want the account to get hit with an automatic payment or small charge and get a bunch of overdraft fees.

No response, but it was at the least, a civil exchange in which I looked sensible.

You are still acting like a responsible married person, and she will recognize that. She cleaned out the joint accounts to get back at you, and instead of you yelling at her about it, you just transfered more money so you wouldn't trigger an automatic fee that would put your account in the red. "But why would he do this?" she'll ask herself, and it will cause turmoil inside of her for acting so petty while you continue to act kind and responsible. "I thought he hated me and was trying to destroy me?" Well things like this will show her you aren't playing games and still want to work on the marriage.

She's looking for a response. She cleaned out the checking account, and you didn't yell at her, you just put in more money. This confused her. Now she writes an email to try and provoke you again. You didn't take the bait.


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