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I've been on this board for nearly four years. I have seen many more marriages fail from infidelity than succeed, especially when a WW is involved. Seems like the WHs have a slightly higher chance of coming to their senses, but I have very very rarely seen it in the WW's.

Interesting comment coming from someone who spent a long time on this board focused on himself.

I have been on this site since Feb 99 and registered Aug 99. That is working out to close to 11 years and I have seen absolute miracles worked on this site. I have seen ordinary couples with many problems NOT JUST AFFAIRs rebuild their marriages and I have some situations that were just horrible make it.

I have no idea how Gerka's situation will turn out, but I am confident that he will come out of this a better man and a better husband to some women whether it is his current W or another. However, one only learns by doing and the plan and process that Gerka is in right now, will serve HIM well no matter what happens with his W.

Not all marriage can be saved, but I can say with certitude that Gerka will be helped and he won't regret trying to save his marriage.


PS: I don't know if Gerka does but I find your assumption that Gerka is stupid enough to have not considered that this won't work out offensive. He KNOWS how things can turn out badly he is in a combat zone for God's sake. You make you statement now let the man get on with his plan.

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