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Report away RIF. I don't see how my statement is any different than saying that WW'es are selfish, have had their brains scrambled by aliens, or, in a less pc statement, waytards (not words I've ever agreed with or used myself).

Yes, I stand my my statement. Waywards are evil, selfish people. What else could you call someone who breaks their vows, lies, files false allegations, rewrites history, breaks the 6th commandment, manipulates, and does everything in their power to get rid of, hurt, and villify the BS?

Much worse has been said about waywards on these boards.

Your post wasn't about waywards. It was about wayward wives. Big difference. That speaks of a personal issue of yours that is distracting to what Gerka is trying to do. And when it's applied in the context in which you applied it (pushing Gerka toward D) you muddy the waters of his plan. Poor posting.

The only paragraph of any real value to this thread was your last sentence:
"But please, whatever you do, don't simply ignore these papers. Don't acknowledge them to her, but consult someone about them."

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