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You know, something that's been churning around in my head since I got here... Another LT from my brigade that came on the deployment and I were talking at Camp Phoenix one day when we first got to A-stan. He said, "So I hear you and your wife have an open marriage." I was shocked to hear that, since I don't know him that well at all, but I just kind of laughed it off and asked where he heard something like that. He was like, "oh, it's just a rumor I heard, guess it's not true."

He's an infantry officer, and has plenty of connections back to Fort Benning, so I wonder if some sort of rumors of what was going on back when my WW and OM were there got around to him somehow... I've been meaning to send him an email to ask where he heard that, but then I'd have to explain this whole situation to another person...

Be prepared if OM isn't the ONLY OM in your situation, but rather the only one stupid enough to get attached to your WW. This is based on your WW's sexual history as well as several comments by several others you have mentioned (this rumor as well as the one where you said one guy thought she was trouble because there were rumors going around with her and several other guys). If this guy heard you had an open marriage, it was probably because your WW told someone he knew and it got back to him. I don't want you to fight so hard to try and save this only to find she's been screwing around on you this whole time with multiple men. Just be very cautious about saving this marriage and insist on a polygraph if you eventually get to that point.


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