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TST, I'm surprised at your personal attacks. I wasn't upset with you, and sorry if I hurt your feelings by coming across as "ballzy".

Also, RIF, I actually wasn't talking about you - I respect your thoughts and opinions quite a bit! I think Gerka is really lucky to have another military officer to advise and support him through this.

Confuzed, stop it RIGHT NOW. Gerka has already indicated his goal and we need to support that in MB fashion. If you cannot support him in this LEAVE THIS THREAD.

If the worst thing happens and his M doesn't make it? Come back around and console him, and let him know how you handled that. That's when your experience will be important. Right now you are a distraction. STOP. twoxfour And the other poster needs to take his anger elsewhere, as well. Gerka has already said this!

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