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Here is what I gathered from her email.

1) She's still very angry at you about exposure and is struggling through withdrawal.

2) She feels guilty about taking your money, so she feels the need to let you know that her taking your money doesn't mean she will get back with you.

Everytime you deposit that money and she takes it, it will cause her further conflict. You made a love bank deposit and then she realized it and recoiled. She thought, "Oh yea, he deposited more money. Thank you," and then, "Wait a minute, I'm supposed to be angry with that a-hole. What is he trying to do, buy my affection?" This is just a sign of her inner turmoil. She sent the angry email because she sensed you plan was working a little bit, and she wanted to discourage you. Right now she doesn't want to get back with you because then there would be no justification for her actions. It's better to get these angry emails back than nothing at all other than bank transfers.


I concur with this, and think you should Plan A until you get back to the States. It might "cost" you $2,000 to do that. but otherwise, its just a series of emails....