She repeatedly said that when she thought about our marriage, she felt the bad times far outweighed the good times. I felt the exact opposite.

Hey Gurka - I think that most WS re-write the history of the marriage and say pretty much the same thing. Mrs RIF started down that road when we started MC in 2001... Our MC pretty much told her that it wasn't necessary to try and blame the condition of the M, he told her that she just needed to look in the mirror... blush

At some point in time, you W will look back on this period and she will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your actions DID show her your love. Hopfully, she will refect on this fact and be happy that she's still married to you! smile

But if she chooses to not re-engage with you in rebuiding, she will definitley look back on this period with regret, but cause she will know that she is the one that blew it, not you.

Try not to take her words and comments to heart... remember, she's just reading from the WS handbook, and you pretty much already know what she's going to say.

Semper Fi,