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Tell her

"The only thing I have done, is lived my life and my marriage in the light. It is what I require from my wife and a fellow officer. Nothing that has been reported or conveyed along the chain of command is done out of spite, but with a deep disappointment and sorrow. I initially tried to reconcile our relationship with love and understanding. But your failure to break off your affair with xxxxx left me no alternative but to act in any way possible that coincides with both the vows that I made you and the vows I made to my country. I am sorry if the path that you left me creates a larger gulf between us. But I was left no choice. I love you and hope that when this situation is resolved that we can focus on reconciling our marriage. As always, I am here for you and will love and support you in any way I can."

Just a thought.

Found it! It was Ouch!

Too soon. Let her bring it up again in the future, and maybe then it will be the right time to bust this out.


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