Here's the chatty email I sent out this morning (while she's still online,) censored for OPSEC ;):

How was your weekend? Any news about your dad? I looked into the
insurance thing, and they've changed the rules to where he can be
covered by our insurance if he's a dependent parent. It seems that
he'd have to have less than $3,100 of taxable income for the year, and
we would have to provide more than half of his income. You'd know more
than me if that's possible.

I've been pretty busy all weekend with work. We didn't have training
yesterday since we're in the process of switching out sergeant majors.
Around lunchtime this crazy storm blew in with like 60 mile an hour
winds. When we went outside for lunch it was buffeting me around all
over the place. We went to this new Afghan restaurant at XXXXXX
for lunch, it's in the same little base complex as our office and XXXXXX. Funny enough, the menu was mostly American food with just a
little bit of Afghan stuff available. We got "bread with spicy sauce"
as an appetizer, and it was as advertised. They keep kleenex on the
table because everyone has runny noses after eating it. Then we split
a couple of pizzas amongst the 4 of us. I attached a couple pictures,
there are more on Facebook. The pizza was really good, definitely the
best pizza I've had so far in Afghanistan. And it makes you feel
surprisingly normal to sit around a table (albeit on the floor) and
order food off a menu. After the storm blew through there was this
amazing rainbow over the XXXXXX. I ended up being stuck at
the office until pretty late, and so I didn't make it to the gym until
about 2100. So then I was all ramped up and didn't go to sleep until
about 0130 in the morning, so I'm a tired panda today. I just got out
of the morning meeting and it seems like it's going to be another busy
day but I thought I'd write you before things really get going for the
day. I hope you have a good week. Did you ever get the package I sent
from Bagram? It was too cute to pass up.