Hey Gurka,

One of the biggest redflag's out there is when a person wants to keep friends of the opposite sex...

One of the boundaries that Mrs. RIF and I keep is that we don't e-mail, FB, chat, or "hang out" with friends of the opposite sex. It's just asking for trouble if you start crossing this line.

I know that you're in a tough spot while you're deployed... and it will be hard for you to snoop, but if there's anyway that you can find out anything about this HS BF, I think it would be to your benefit to do so.

I would continue to send your WW your regularly scheduled e-mails and continue to keep in touch with your MIL and SIL... Don't ask them any questions or ask them to 'check up' on your WW, just use these e-mails to keep the lines of communications open.

So is your WW taking leave now until her OBC class starts? Hard to believe that they'd just let her "hang out" while collecting a paycheck!

Semper Fi,