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It was not that I would not, it was that the thought had just occurred to me. So I was going back and forth on if I could trust the PO to ensure she got it. That was all.

How's it going, Eluna? ETA: Sorry to hear about your emotional nightmares. Glad you're checking with your doctor for meds.

The return-receipt card will have a signature of the person who receives the mail. If you sent it to her office, it could be a mail-clerk but if you sent it to her home it will be her or her 'significant other'.

I forgot if you've mentioned whether or not she's married or has a boyfriend. Is she married? (If so, exposure to him is the next step to help rebuild your trust. At least, that's how it worked for us.)

Way to go. Thanks for the update...we were simulposting!.


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