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WS has been at my side constantly the past few days. Even when I just want to curl up and be left alone. He will sit in the room away from me, and just talk to me or bring me tissue to wipe my eyes. Sometimes I feel like he is on vigil trying to protect me from more pain, but that is a futile task at this point.

I want to believe these are the actions of someone who really wants to work on our marriage, but these days I don't know what to believe. He does not get upset with me about any thing I am doing, even when I ask for his keys to snoop through his car he did not get upset. He said it made him feel uncomfortable and he did not like the feeling, but if it would ease my mind then it was worth it.

So far I can find not contact. Not even a hint. what do I do now? I want to move forward, but feel stuck.

Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. You've got quite a bit ahead of you. You are still in the middle of processing everything. It's going to take some time, Eluna. Everything sounds very encouraging, though.

Have you gone through the Emotional Needs Questionnaire with your H? That would be a good next step.

Expect to have good days, then bad days as you recover. Meds can help. I didn't use them, although my Dr. did give me a prescription after I told him my story. (I went to be tested for STDs. Have you done that?)

The rollercoaster didn't even out for me for about 14 months. Most of my days are good days now. (15 months into R) I wish I could give you the magic bullet, but there isn't one. Time and a repentent H will help heal you. Read everything on this site to affair-proof and rebuild your M.

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