I am glad you are finally getting things out in the open. This should have been talked about 15 years ago. I am glad you finally found a creative way to speak to her about it. And that she is willing to start being honest.

I had to do the same with my husband, find creative ways to speak about sex.

Dont quit being open with her. You can bring out her sexual responses. It took a sensitive boyfriend to bring out my responses and show me how to orgasm.

If you could do that, you might be a hero in her eyes.

It would take good technique, experimentation, and being quiet (not wordy) during lovemaking. It is difficult sometimes for women to get to the big O if a man keeps asking them how it is or talks to them. IT really is distracting. Just BE QUIET AND USE GOOD TECHNIQUES and try and guess if she is enjoying it by her responses.