Actually, what I need to get her is to have a drink first. Which is difficult for two reasons. One, we almost uniformly have sex early in the morning (before kids get up or right after they get on school bus). I would be willing to change the timing. She not so much. Second, in her current weight loss mode she is not going to want to "waste" calories on this. I can ask.

No technique is going to work while her brain is "turning off the switch". She says she feels nothing. Not nothing good. No sensation at all.

To the extent that the doctor gives her a pill. That may help. Even if the pill does nothing. The placebo effect might get her brain to stop blocking / ignoring the sensations.

And yes, I have learned to be quiet during sex. I don't ask her how it is. Before, during or after. If I talk, I just focus on me. I like being here. This feels wonderful. I love being with you. Nothing about her. Nothing that would require her to form a response. Even that is quite limited because I fear saying something that might cause her to want to stop immediately (as you and other long timers know has happened). I would prefer to be more vocal and interactive. I have curbed my inclinations in respect of her reactions. I have a small penis, not a small brain.

When you can see it coming, duck!