I have given her articles about this before (teaching a guy not to be bad in bed). For some reason the timing now was right for her to respond to it.

I gave her the article Friday morning on my way out the door. "If any of this is relevant, let me know". Sunday we started having sex. I reached down to use my hand. She pushed my hand away and said something like "don't bother, I don't feel anything when you touch me". Part of the article was about not keeping silent and allowing the man to do things that don't work for the woman. I am guessing that this part of the article resonated with her when I reached over.

I am so glad she did.

P.S. I got the article from a listserv aimed at women. They e-mail a newsletter every day. I joined the listserv at the suggestion of someone here on MB. So whoever you are, thank you. It has taken a while but the listserv finally paid big dividends.

When you can see it coming, duck!