Great ideas. I will suggest that. However, it sounds eerily similar to all the exercises the sex therapists assigned that Mrs. Hold refused to do. Things are different now. Perhaps she will consent to engaging in behaviors she previously rejected. I will ask and allow for the possibility of change.

Also, it is not like we currently have no non-sexual touch. We do in fact have substantial physical touch at night which is entirely non-sexual. I rub the knots in her shoulder. I lay my head on her thigh and she squeezes my ear. So we are doing some of this. More is always welcome. I have no trouble separating Affection from sexual touching. Remember, I am the touchy one in our couple. She is the one who more often rejects non-sexual touching. In our house, we refer to D13 and me as the puppies and Mrs. Hold and S15 as the cats because D13 and I like hugs and Mrs. Hold and S15 generally don't.

Just pointing out that this is not something we have never considered or attempted. As with most suggestions, BTDT. But we are new every day, right?

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