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So I decided to do a little snooping today on the OW. I logged into my old FB account and went to her page (she has blocked my H from seeing her page, and I have her on perma block on our joint account, but she never blocked her account from my FB.) Looks like she is now in a new relationship.

Part of me is thinking THANK GOD!!!!!

And then there is that vengeful side of me that really wanted to type "Is he married, just like my husband was when you were screwing him?" on her status update. I did check the new guy's relationship status, and after seeing nothing of interest, I logged out and logged back into our joint FB. No comments left, and I think I will keep this tidbit completely to myself where H is concerned.

Progress? Comments please

Good to hear that she seems to have moved on. Don't mention anything to your H about it. You want to keep this snooping tool to yourself.

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