Something BIG happened on her end. ANd she wanted to rip you a new one. And she wanted to make sure you where on the phone so that she could DO IT.

That is why you had 5 phone calls. And no response to your "asks" to do it at a time that you where available.

You can send her a "chatty" "whats up" email. Keep it short, and light. Mention that you DO want to talk to her.

Reach out to your MIL, and others who may know WW and ask about how things are going with them. Talk about your past two weeks, and ask about FIL and the medical treatments.

SOMEONE will know what is going on, and give you an indirect heads up.

Makes it easier to deal with WW then.

Also, I can't understand why it is so much trouble to get a dog from the Midwest to AZ. A company can do it, but for $1K? How about a friend and a road trip that you give them $250-$300 to take care of it.