She called me this morning to let me know she'd be flying to Dallas for the 4th of July and bringing the dog back with her. I asked if she talked to my parents and she said no, she wasn't talking to anyone or writing anyone or putting anything in writing because apparently when she does she gets in trouble. I'm not sure what this was about.

I asked her if she'd made sure to get a safe for her handgun (seeing as how she has a teenager living with her now) and she said yes. I asked if she found a place for him to sleep and she said yes. I asked how everything else was going and she said "fine." I asked if she still ever got a new laptop, and if she still wanted the one that I got over here. She said she didn't get a new one. I explained that I needed to start sending stuff back soon, and needed to decide if I was going to give it to someone here or bring it back. She said, "you can give it to me." And I said, "Ok, I'll keep it then." And she said, "I don't need anything from you."

She then said that her brother was using "this" phone now (her old phone) so I can turn off the service to it whenever I want. I said I wasn't worried about turning it off, and it's better that he have a phone to use. Then she said she had to go.