She called me at 1330 this afternoon, asking if I had called her. I said no, she said it looked like she'd missed a call from a weird number. I said she was up pretty late, (2am her time) and she said, "it's saturday night, I was out with my friends. I'm not #1 in my class here so I'm popular now." She said, "I guess you're busy?" I said yes, I was about to leave. I asked what her brother did while she was out, she said "nothing." I said I was just curious if she was doing stuff to entertain him on the weekends, and she said he's 16, he can entertain himself. And don't worry about. "I'm not giving you any personal details because when I do you use them against me." Then she said, "I know you want to say something, so what is it?" I said, "No, there's nothing in particular, but if you want to talk I'm here for you." She said, "I've never wanted to talk." Then she said, "Well I'm going to bed. Have fun, bye." I replied "Ok, have a good night, bye."

I need a way to respond to this "anytime I tell you something you use it against me." If you've been following this thread this was one of my concerns very early on, that by betraying the trust she placed in me by disclosing the affair, I would sabotage future reconciliation. So how do I break through this?