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I need a way to respond to this "anytime I tell you something you use it against me."

Good Morning Gurka!

You could say something like "I'll do whatever it takes to protect OUR marriage." ...then change the subject.

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You can let her unload on you:

Reply with: "What did I disclose that you told me in confidence that has hurt you?"

Put it on the table. Ignoring things like that means that "your not listening to her" SHe is trying to hint at what she DOES want to talk about.

She gave you an opening, when she called you back, and asked if it was you, and then said "what do you want to say?" So say it.

I want to save my marraige. OR
I want to find out where we went so wrong? OR
I wanted to know how your father was feeling?

Just get her to TALK.

She is seeking YOU Out now. So, work with her...