Hi all,

Been a long time since I posted here. Previous fiasco of a marriage is dead and gone.

I am in what I thought was a good relationship. It has been 5 yrs that we have been together, been through one deployment with her, and unlike my first 2 wifes/fiancee she did not cheat on me and over all made it a tolerable deployment.

Now I have another deployment comming up (#4) and it seems like she is trying to push me away. Keeps doing things she knows upset me, damn near doing what the last one did. All i know is i'm tired and can't fight like I did the last one.

Anyway, kinda just need input now


Finally Healing working towards the day when I can be a good partner, and choose someone good for me.

Most Current relationship ended with her cheating and kicking me out on the streets.

2 PA 1999 w/ IA.

1 EA 2002.

IA & PA 2003/2004. (while I was deployed and brought the bast*** around my boy)

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