Well, this is what I wrote back yesterday. No response, but I didn't expect one.

I think that deciding things unilaterally when it impacts both of us is what's lead us to this point, so it's probably not the best course of action moving forward. Joint agreement would be best. I was more than happy to give you Apollo when you explained to me what a hard time you were having with things, and how much better he would make you feel. I hope he's helping to lift your spirits. I'm not trying to put any further strain on our marriage, I'm trying to do what I can to keep it alive. I still care for you very much, and I'm still confident we can work through all of this if we can sit down together and talk through it.

I mailed all of my stuff back to Fort Polk today. They wouldn't let me ship a duffel bag so I had to go buy another tough box. So I shipped 3 of them back with just about everything in them, so I don't have to carry it all with me through 5 airports on the way back. They said the boxes would arrive in a week and a half, so they'll probably get there before I do (I shipped them to my office.) It's weird to be trying to wind things down here and still be so so busy. It's been such a strange six months but I feel like so many of these people are like my family now, we've been through so much. I feel really anxious about having to go grocery shopping and set up internet for the house and decide what clothes to wear and do my own laundry (I still need to get a washer and dryer too...) when all of that stuff has been done for me for so long now. It feels like overwhelming to have to go back and do it all myself.

Do you still think we'll be able to pay off the credit cards by November? I wasn't sure how the expense of supporting (her brother) might impact that payment timeline. I get promoted as soon as I get back so with that extra income we should be able to pay them off even with the extra expenses associated with (her brother).

Hope you have a good day sugar bear. Be strong. smile