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Go home and tell your wife about that conversation.

Happy to. She'll just think I am even more pathetic.

Tell her you really do want her to work and pay back what she stole from the family. How much you'd like to see a separate account for her paychecks to go into, so you guys can buy bonds together, out of it, someday.

Happy to. I don't have enough orifices. Just got the hemerrhoids to stop bleeding. Guess it is time to open another wound.

Believe in her...urge her for this amends...because even if you refuse to stop hating yourself...doesn't mean she has to...

as she does...

????? dontknow As she does what? Hmmm. Doesn't mean she has to hate me. As she does? Wait, I thought I was the one who hated me? You mean she hates me too?

Or are you saying she hates herself? And working might help her stop hating herself? Man I am so confused.

When you can see it coming, duck!