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Adding to that, you and your wife need to stop for just a while thinking about all that above you that you have not achieved and don't have, and ask yourselves how you would handle what others are experiencing, of your income falling to half what it is today, or one third, or a fourth? Better to examine that now, and the core beliefs behind your attitudes about money, success, self-esteem vs self-respect.

If my income fell substantially, that might be welcome. If it continued for a substantial period, at my age, the divorce judge would have to accept that I will never again earn this much. There goes much of Mrs. Hold's support obligation. Plus, if my income dropped significantly, then she would HAVE to get a job. Ca-ching, my support payment just went down again!

Plus, we are at the "sour spot" where we don't qualify for financial aid for college but can't afford to make the payments ourselves. If my income disappeared, the kids would qualify for more financial aid. At half my current income, between the income taxes I don't have to pay and the increased financial aid my kids get, I might actually clear more during the 6 - 10 years of higher education than I will clear at my current income level.

I know. I am fooling myself. It probably won't work out that well. I would probably be miserable. My kids would suffer. Now who is living in a fantasy land?

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