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Some people 'look' wealthy and are mortgaged out their rear. If you can liquidate your assets and have something left, that's your wealth.

Understood. I have zero wealth. Equity in our house would just about balance out our credit card debts. If I liquidated everything, there would be nothing left. That is what was so depressing about the cold call from the broker. He could not imagine that someone who had been a lawyer for 20+ years has no savings. But it is true. I don't.


I don't need a post nup. I have no assets to protect. A post-nup that said "she gets no support" would not be enforceable. A post-nup that said "she gets none of my assets" would be irrelevant. Psot-nups are for people who have enough income and assets that their ex-spouse could live on far less than what they would get under the "default rule". The difference between the minimum a judge would accept under a post-nup and what she would get without one isn't worth paying lawyers to argue over. That is the benefit of my not having made any career progress in 10 years. She isn't going to get much in the divorce, because there isn't much to get.

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