I agree with the others. There are much better times ahead for you and you will have the knowledge that you have done your very best. WW is the broken one. She is one of the worst waywards I have ever heard of and am sorry she is even in the Army (I love my Army and hate it when people of such character are even part of it.) I doubt if WW will ever recognize what she has done here. I think she will rationalize her words/actions for her entire life.

I think you are doing the right thing by not responding to her calls. And I hope you find a way to resolve the "stuff" issue soon and can end this horrible situation. I too hope you can find a way to get the dog back.

I think you have an exceptional future.


BW - 70
WH - 65
M - 35 years
D-day - 17 Apr 08
H broke contact 11/1/09
Back in love after the worst thing that every happened to us.