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Yes. I feel that I'd be a lot further along my personal recovery if I had given up on this horrible person months ago.

This may be the case, however you have demonstrated the integrity of your convictions. You have fought the good fight. Had you not done this, you would always look back and wonder if you'd done enough. Now you know you have given your all, and though you were unsuccessful at reclaiming your marriage, you have grown in ways you would not have otherwise.

I'm sorry this has ended this way - but you should not fault yourself for giving it your all, for trying to save your marriage. Marriage is WORTH fighting for - even if this woman no longer is.

This is a good point. She may have exhibited signs of being a 'lost' WW...but there was no way to know if she would want to save her marriage....so now GG knows he did everything he could. He can go in peace now.

And be VERY thankful he doesn't have children with her. And that he is so young.