MB did not recover my M to date...but MB saved me.

I have learned, I have grown, have been hit by 2x4s and not always agreed or accepted.

I am not perfect, I have stumbled and fallen, I have been my own worst enemy. MB is a good program and when you come here there is always hope.

Amen Sista

I totally agree, MB may have not recovered my marriage to date, but MB saved me. Most important the MB community saved me; I can't imagine living in the pile of crap and deceit if I had not done a pln A/B. I am in a better place every day because of this community and the principles its based on.

Dday:12/31/09-Found MB 01/03/10
D final 11/15/10

"I dare you to find some time and some place to be silent for longer than usual; a few moments, a few minutes, a few hours. Listen to your heart, listen to your soul; and most importantly, listen to the silence to see what it sounds like and how it speaks to you."