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The Five Love Languages, while nice, didn't save our marriage. Marriage Builders did.

It's a great little book, but it's not a plan. I know a couple who read this and said it made their marriage great! We were having trouble and they recommended it to us. We were already reading it, but it didn't have the PLAN we needed. This other couple suggested that if we (well, me) LET GO a bit and get more of a separate life from my H, we could have a great marriage like theirs, too!

Yeah, they're divorced now. The wife was having an affair on all her "ME" time.

ETA: that's in IRL couple, not one from the board. Just to clarify!

faint Just goes to show, ya never know where a person's really coming from.

Widowed 11/10/12 after 35 years of marriage
In a sense now, I am homeless. For the home, the place of refuge, solitude, love-where my husband lived-no longer exists. Joyce Carolyn Oates, A Widow's Story